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Foster with his toyCharlton Kennels provides top-notch dog boarding facilities in thePortland, OR area and has been doing so for over 50 years. Our highlyexperienced staff will treat your canine companion with the same levelof care and attention that they do with their own dogs and cats.

Century Farm signJim and Ellie Charlton founded Charlton Kennels in 1967. Situated inthe center of a 160-acre Century farm on lovely Sauvie Island, the dogboarding kennel is a quick 20-minute drive from downtown Portland. Thefinest, low stress, all breed kennel on the West Coast, Charlton Kennelsand its trainers have been featured in Field and Stream Magazine, the Retriever Journal, the Oregonian, on OPB's Oregon Field Guide,and in too many books to list. It has received the "Award ofExcellence" certificate from Multnomah County, and the Austin Family Business Award and is widely recommendedby veterinarians.


staff holding dog

A few words about what sets us apart from other kennels, doggie daycares and other pet care services.

Beautiful country setting

While dogs enjoy spacious private kennels they can also enjoy romping in the fresh air and beauty of grassy yards and farm vistas.


We are a family run business serving animals and their families for close to 50 years.

Energetic dog lovers!

We have enthusiastic and intelligent staffers that love dogs and enjoy interacting and caring for them! Because we care about our sweet staffers we cannot board human reactive or human aggressive dogs.

Our facilities

We have large runs (about 5' x 15') that include an inner cubby area for sleeping. Each sleeping area has a raised platform. Most have warm, radiant heat lamps above the sleeping area to keep the space cozy in the cold weather. We have soft fleece blankets for dogs but clients arewelcome to bring their own washable bedding. There is ample room in the outer area for a dog to movearound and do his business if need be. Dogs have beautiful courtyards and pasture views.

clean and cozy kennels

Clients are welcome to bring safe toys and safe chewables for their dogs, too.

We never mix dogs

Dogs have their own roomy private space. Because dogs aren't constantly stressed about other dogs they can rest and relax. And you don't have to worry that your dog will be harassed by another dog. If your dog is nervous around other dogs you needn't worry that they will do anything aggressive to another dog either. Dogs interact with humans only so they are safe from being bullied by dogs or bullying others.

We have several yards for dogs to sniff, run, fetch, play and potty off leash. For a small extra fee you may give your dog extra playtime in one of the yards OR go for an on-leash walk on the farm.

Cats are welcome, too

Rafe at the window Cats also have spacious kennels — never crates. They can lounge on a chair under the warmth of a heat lamp or watch the wildlife outside.

Rafe the black and white cat is sitting at the office window. He's a regular visitor and we love having him in the office.

Praise From Our Customers

“My son's friend has two active bird dogs and he recommended Charlton Kennels as the ONLY place he would leave his dogs. My dog couldn't be more different, older, a bit of arthritis, and anxious when I leave. But the staff of Charlton Kennels is loving and professional and met her needs beautifully. She can even have a dog massage ( and she loves it). I have to travel at least 4 times a year and when I come back she looks lively, healthy, and happy. She even gets happy and excited when we pull up to the front door. The farm and kennel is beautifully kept and a great place for her to run around.(She likes the llamas).Now this is the ONLY place I would ever consider boarding my dog!”
— Anne S.,Portland, OR

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Charlton Farm brick gated entrance