Travelers now prefer travel apps to web for search and booking

What exactly do we mean when we say mobile?Up until recently “mobile” really meant either mobile apps, found in places like the App Store, or mobile web, accessible via URLs. What we see now is that travelers are increasingly turning to the app experience, rather than mobile web, to search and book flights and accommodation.
A global study Travelport Digital carried out with 955 end travelers showed that 58% of people prefer apps to search for flights and 53% preferred apps to find accommodation. We found that consumers want a lightning-fast mobile experience, which they feel this is best delivered through apps. Travelers also value the additional functionality and features that the native platforms bring.
Travel brands that can match their app experience to consumer expectations will drive more bookings, add more ancillaries and create longer-term value. And those travel brands that don’t deliver will suffer through online cart-abandonment, as well a pummeling on social media and a…

Airport shopping app introduced to deliver shopping & food to passengers at their gates

As the airport shopping gets more convenient with mobile payments, ‘AtYourGate’ (AtYourGate was the first innovation to come out of SAN’s Innovation Lab which is tasked with creating new ideas to enhance the passenger experience that can be implemented at the airport and beyond to other airports, malls, hotels and convention centers) and mobile ordering platform ‘Golo' have partnered to introduce a new airport shopping app that delivers shopping and food to passengers at their gates at San Diego International Airport (SAN). The app aims to raise the bar on passenger satisfaction for both - airport consumers and retailers, by directly embracing new technologies that push the envelope. As per Jean Francois, CEO of Golo, “Consumers and merchants today expect a frictionless and sophisticated retail experience when making purchases or selling using their mobile technology. They want to see the products accompanied by visually rich images, in a smooth app where searching is intuitive and …

What Booking a 'Mistake Fare' Really Means | The risks and rewards of buying that really, really low-priced flight!!

Flight pricing errors are a godsend for wanderlust’s with big dreams, but small wallets. It's like an opening that crinkly take-out bag, and realizing you got an extra set of fries with your order ? . Believe it or not, airline pricing mistakes happen all the time. Here are few of them:
* 2007: San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand return, business class – $1,500 USD instead of $15,000 USD. The cause? Human error resulted in a missed zero – oops. * 2012: Myanmar to the US, return – $300 USD. How come? A mistake when converting the price between currencies. * 2013: Various US cities to Hawaii, return – $7 USD. Why? A computer glitch that lasted 2 hours messed up the price.
But what rights do travelers like these who have booked a mistake fare actually have? In fact, what even is a "mistake fare"? Here's how to find these fares—and make sure you're not left in the lurch after booking. 
Mistake Fares, Decoded Error fares or airline price glitches, are a HUGELY reduced f…

Learn About Apple Watch

A device you wear is vastly differentfrom one you keep on a desk or carry in your pocket. It’s more than a tool.It’s a very personal expression. There are three distinctivecollections to help a user findthe watch that’s right for them.

Apple Watch: Features

More immediate, intimate ways to connect- You won’t just see and respond to messages, calls, and notifications easilyand intuitively. You’ll actually feel them. With Apple Watch, every exchange isless about reading words on a screen. And more about making a genuineconnection.
Stay closer to the people you care about- Now your inner circle is always nearby. Press the button next to the DigitalCrown to access Friends, a place where you’ll see thumbnails of those you liketo stay in touch with most. Tap one to send a message, make a call, or reachout in one of the new ways only Apple Watch makes possible.

Messages, calls, and mail tailored foryour wrist - Apple Watch adds a new dimension to the way you communicate. Injust a g…


Sneak Peek into iOS 8

Photos -
Search your photo library - Search all the photos and videos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Search by the date the photo was taken, location, or album name. Whether you’re at work, on the train, at a restaurant, or on vacation, finding a photo has never been simpler.Smart composition tools - Even after you take your photo, Photos can automatically straighten horizons and provide the ideal crop.Get smart suggestions - Just tap the search icon, and you’ll get choices based on what’s important to you. One more tap gives you immediate access to photos taken nearby, photos taken the same time last year, or your all-time favorite photos.Smart adjustments - Modify the overall light in a photo with a single control. Behind the scenes, Photos intelligently adjusts exposure, brightness, contrast, and more — giving everyone, even the complete novice, great results.Capture the moment. Then edit it in seconds. - Whatever your skill level, you’ll be able to creat…

Apps to deal with Autism

Autism is quite common among children and the parents of such children find it quite difficult to engage themselves with their children. But with the era of mobile apps blooming, mobile apps for autism can help the special children to communicate their basic needs. 

A large variety of intuitive apps, comprise of colorful images & sounds, which can hold the child’s attention long enough to learn & offer effective tools to build vocabulary.
The parents of special kids generally get worried for their kids, if they are out of their sight. Hence, they need a kind of app that 
Tracks or records the activities of their children on a timely basisProvides a daily record of the activities undertakenShows a graph/comparison report of other autism patients too; such that you can see the growth of your child with othersShows the average statistics based on various factorsIncludes a growth rate to analyze your child’s performance
There are various apps devel…