300x600 gingerbread bannerGingerbread House & Cookie Patterns

Established 04/18/2009 offers cookie and house recipes and patterns.  Including tips for making simple, beginning level gingerbread houses, also known as Lebkuchen cottages or Hansel and Gretel houses.

Kids and adults color books & crafts. Christmas and winter holiday activities and crafts, geared toward toddlers, preschool and kindergarten age children. Gingerbread houses, whether decorated simply or covered with candies, icing and other treats, are popular Christmas decorations, plus they make wonderful and unique, home-made gifts and make impressive centerpieces during the holidays.

Ginger Bread Crafts

Making gingerbread houses and cookies can also be fun family activities for any holiday or special occasion. Learn how to make a gingerbread house or castle with step-by-step instructions and trace and cut out patterns. Make your gingerbread decorating a success with these simple, printable and basic cookie, house and castle worksheet patterns.


mobile1200These patterns are recreations of the patterns I used when my children were growing up. I had tucked away several old house patterns in my boxes of memorabilia that I've kept and added to for...forever. These patterns are special to me because every year my children would use these patterns to build gingerbread houses to bring to classroom and either give to the teachers or share with other students. The artistic treats were always appreciated. Plus, I enjoy research and teaching children, and my children don't seem to mind that I am just a self-taught amateur folk art illustrator. I started building these sites in the scissorcraft.com group to entertain and educate my little grand children who got a kick out of grandma's arts and craft ideas and I thought it would be fun to see if anyone else might find the images useful. 


Print House Patterns

Use patterns to make paper mache or cartboard houses or cut wood or plastic sheets with scroll saw to glue together and decorate with paints.

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