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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

seo guide to transparency issues

London, UK (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Many companies have a hard time searching for search engine optimization companies because they do not know what's involved to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
To add to the problem, many SEO companies are not providing detailed information about exactly what is included in the services. Reasons might be that these SEO companies don't want to reveal what it takes, or they are trying to take short cuts.
SEO Specialist's SEO guide is an attempt to teach individuals and companies more about website optimization and what it takes to succeed in search engines. After reading the entire SEO guide it becomes easier to understand what kind of SEO services to purchase.
So what is included in the SEO Guide?
SEO school is a free, simple and straight forward guide to search engine optimization. The guide covers all areas of website optimisation and it is divided into four chapters;
-SEO analysis: How to analyse your website covers topics such as competitor analysis and keyword analysis.
-On-Page SEO: Explain the importance of continually adding new content to your website pages. It teaches how to identify the right keyword to optimise and shows how to create SEO friendly titles, headlines and content.
-Link Building: Learn methods achieving natural links, link valuation metrics and how to detect paid links.
-SEO Performance Management: Teaches methods of measuring and monitoring search engine optimization.
SEO school covers both established SEO methods such as creating good headlines to more secret topics like how to detect paid links.
Why care about SEO School?
Before a company order SEO services, they need to know what's involved to succeed. Attending the free SEO school online is a quick way to better understand which factors affects search engine ranking.
For more information about SEO Specialist’s guide to SEO and search engine optimization services, visit seospecialist.co.uk or http://www.youtube.com/seospecialist.
About SEO Specialist:
SEO Specialist is a SEO company from London, UK. With 8 years experience in search engine optimization, SEO specialist offers first class SEO services. SEO consultancy services offered include performance based SEO, search engine consultancy, link building solutions, keyword research, multilingual SEO and search engine friendly copywriting.

SEO awareness survey. How well do people know search engine optimization. Unethical seo viewpoints

MWI, a web design and SEO firm based in Utah, recently completed a survey asking respondents about their awareness of search engine optimization (SEO), their companies' practices regarding it, and costs they would expect to pay for certain SEO services. The results from 124 respondents, posted on MWI's organic SEO blog The Organic SEO, were both positive and negative, with some surprising findings.
Sixty-five percent of the respondents already knew the acronym "SEO" stands for "search engine optimization." "This alone was a much higher percentage than we would have expected," said Joshua Steimle, CEO of MWI. "If we had asked the same question two years ago there's almost no doubt the answer in the affirmative would have been less than ten percent."
Other results were equally interesting. The survey showed that roughly 66% of respondents' companies had direct experience with SEO, either by doing it in-house or by hiring an outside SEO firm. 35% of the total respondents were actively engaged in an SEO campaign, and 31% had run an SEO campaign in the past but had stopped it for some reason.
There were some results that were perhaps less positive for the SEO industry. More than half of the respondents who said they would pay for SEO services and chose a specific price range said they would be willing to pay between $500 to $1,000 per month, the lowest price range available for selection on the survey. Not exactly a ray of sunshine for an industry where prices for monthly SEO services often climb to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars per month. On the other hand, perhaps this is an opportunity for a low-priced SEO service provider.
When respondents were asked an open-ended question about their experiences and feelings regarding SEO some responded saying that "SEO is not rocket science" while other expressed feelings of confusion and doubt about whether SEO is effective or whether SEO firms can be trusted to work ethically. A common thread was the desire to work with SEO firms that are compensated under a "pay for performance" model. Most respondents perceived SEO as important and capable of delivering results if the right SEO firm was employed. "I have not used any SEO firms as of yet" wrote one respondent. "I have heard many stories about incompetent/expensive/not-worth-it SEO firms and have been gunshy about hiring SEO firms in general. However, I do think that it will be a necessary component of my website promotion."
Another challenge facing SEO firms are clients who wonder about the potential for positive ROI. Although respondents saw SEO as being important and beneficial, they had doubts about whether it was worth the expense. "Most firms I have worked with are priced way beyond reality" wrote a respondent. "SEO firms want 50k to optimize a site selling 19.95 merchandise."
A not-too-surprising commonly voiced bit of criticism had to do with a perceived lack of ethics and stability in the relatively new and therefore somewhat unknown SEO industry. One respondent wrote "Seems like a lot of firms promise a whole lot... making me not very inclined to trust them. I guess I am a little suspect of anyone promising everything." Another respondent had issues with trust after a negative experience as an employee of an SEO firm. "I worked for a company that tried to do SEO and they went under after only being around for just over a year."
Overall we see these survey results as positive for legitimate and ethical SEO firms. Increased awareness, understanding, and perceived value surrounding SEO services will cause growth in the industry. Firms that are unethical or do not provide true value in their services will be marginalized as the consumer becomes more savvy.
What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
SEO can be defined as "all tasks necessary to improve the rankings of a website for certain keywords," however, the term SEO is often used to describe other services related to search engines and marketing. For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization.
About MWI Inc.
MWI SEO provides web design, search engine optimization, application development, content management, and branding & design services from offices in Salt Lake City, Utah to clients across the United States, including California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Notable clients include 3Com, Altiris, Brighton Ski Resort, California Pools, Garage Technology Ventures, FranklinCovey, Hubble Homes, Winder Farms, and Zions Bank.

Looking for SEO Experts to write an SEO Book

SEOpartner.com is looking for top SEO tips to pack the pages of SEO Notebook, a community-built SEO book sponsored by SEO Partner. Please visit http://www.SEOpartner.com to submit SEO tips for possible inclusion in SEO Notebook. There are no entrance fees and no limits on multiple submissions. All authors will be credited in the book and receive a frame-worthy certificate noting their role as a contributing author to SEO Notebook.
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Sandston, VA (PRWEB) November 1, 2005

SEO Experts Unite! - SEOpartner.com is sponsoring the creation of SEO Notebook, a book of top SEO tips submitted by SEO experts worldwide. The first tips started rolling in immediately after the initial announcement on October 25th. Nearly two hundred SEO tips have been submitted with seventy-five approved for inclusion to date. SEOpartner.com will be collecting additional SEO tips from experts around the world now through November 30, 2005 at http://www.SEOpartner.com. Those tips selected for publication will include an author source credit containing the contributing author’s:
Job title
Web address
And 50 word bio
SEO Notebook will be made available to Website business owners, Webmasters and SEO experts worldwide. The book’s sponsor, SEOpartner.com, is an SEO blog ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo! and MSN for those seeking an SEO partner. As SEO Notebook is scheduled for release on January 1, 2006, the final submission date for SEO tips to http://www.SEOpartner.com is November 30, 2005.
Please visit http://www.SEOpartner.com to submit SEO tips for possible inclusion in SEO Notebook. There are no entrance fees and no limits on multiple submissions. All authors will be credited in the book and receive a frame-worthy certificate noting their role as a contributing author to SEO Notebook.

My SEO Tool comes out with new software for web designers and seos, agencies, and busienss

y SEO Tool has experienced huge growth over its first year in business. This growth, combined with changes in the way search engines evaluate websites has driven the development of this new web-based software.
The popularity and wide-spread usage of Google has fuelled a multi-billion dollar SEO consulting industry. My SEO Tool is the first SEO management software specifically designed for marketing agencies, web designers & consultants.
“SEO is a business highly reliant on customer interaction. It is critical that companies stay organized and efficient to successfully manage their client base”, says co-founder & president Blake Acheson. My SEO Tool was designed from the ground-up to help SEO companies stay on top of their customer relationships.
Joe Kindness of My SEO Tool states that “Accurate & up-to-date search engine rankings are vital to any SEO project in order to properly measure progress. My SEO Tool gathers rankings from Google and Bing to track increases and decreases in ranking positions over time."
My SEO Tool has created an advanced system that automatically scans a website for common SEO violations. The system checks title tags, body content & backlinks to ensure that a website is properly optimized.
My SEO Tool can add value to any SEO service by providing clients with email and PDF reports. Additionally, a client can access a fully branded interface to see ranking, visitor and backlink reports.
My SEO Tool is a Canadian company based out of Guelph, Ontario. Currently over 5,000 companies rely on their SEO tools to manage clients. My SEO Tool has cemented its position as a global leader in providing SEO management solutions.

NetGain SEO launches new website and SEO challenge

NetGain SEO has launched a new website and is conducting a one week search engine optimization challenge. On Monday, February 14, 2011, the company’s ranking for the keyword ‘Web Design Barrie’ was struggling; showing up 76th overall on Google.com and 74th on Google.ca.
Utilizing the company’s news blog, social media and other SEO techniques it is the goal to show how the effective use of these media can generate search engine ranking success. NetGain SEO has held the top spot on Google for ‘SEO Barrie’ for over a year but was missing out on ‘Web Design Barrie’ a competitive and important keyword that is a strong service offered by the company.
The SEO challenge coincides with the recent launch of NetGain SEO’s new website, which features updated visual identity branding, original web design, a custom content management system, interactive social media integration, QR codes and numerous other features that help to highlight all the web and graphic design services that NetGain SEO offers.
On February 21, 2011, NetGain SEO plans to announce the results of its SEO challenge through a series of postings on its news blog, Twitter and Facebook Page. According to Vice President & COO, Drew Dekker; “This will be a great way to show current and potential clients the power of utilizing news blogs, social media, and other SEO techniques to generate successful results on a major search engine like Google. I look forward to seeing the results of our SEO Challenge.”

sharing google news badges for your topics of choice

On Google News, the average reader of political news has read 20 articles about politics in the last six months. Where do you stand?

Starting today, in the U.S. edition of Google News, you can see how voracious a news reader you are by earning Google News badges as you read articles about your favorite topics. The more you read, the higher level badge you’ll receive, starting with Bronze, then moving up the ladder to Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally, Ultimate.

We have more than 500 badges available, so no matter what kind of news you’re into, there’s a badge out there for you. Here’s a taste:

Your badges are private by default, but if you want, you can share your badges with your friends. Tell them about your news interests, display your expertise, start a conversation or just plain brag about how well-read you are. You can also add custom sections by hovering on a badge and clicking “add section” to read more about your favorite topics. To get started with badges, visit Google News from a signed-in account with web history enabled and then visit this page on our Help Center for instructions.

This is just the first step—the bronze release, if you will—of Google News badges. Once we see how badges are used and shared, we look forward to taking this feature to the next level.

In the spirit of continually trying to improve Google News, we have heard loud and clear from the many of you who asked us to separate our Sci/Tech section into two distinct sections. We are happy to report that we have now done this for all English editions, with more languages coming soon. We also combined some personalization settings from the “News for you” and News Settings menu into one handy sidebar at the top right corner of the home page, so you can easily tell us what you want to read on your Google News.

Channeling data to stop malware

In the world of URLs, bigger is not always better. In 2009, we helped shrink up long, unwieldy URLs by launching our public URL shortener, goo.gl. Today, we’re announcing a new URL shortcut that will link only to official Google products and services: g.co.

The shorter a URL, the easier it is to share and remember. The downside is, you often can’t tell what website you’re going to be redirected to. We’ll use g.co to send you only to webpages that are owned by Google, and only we can create g.co shortcuts. That means you can visit a g.co shortcut confident you will always end up at a page for a Google product or service.

There’s no need to fret about the fate of goo.gl; we like it as much as you do, and nothing is changing on that front. It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web.

We’d like to thank our friends at .CO Internet SAS who operate .co domain names for facilitating the acquisition of g.co, and keep your eyes open as we start rolling out g.co as our official URL shortcut for Google websites.

Posted by Gary Briggs, VP Consumer Marketing

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