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How to Find a Excellent New Home Builder

Looking for a good home builder or contractor, isn't an exact science, but hopefully, by the time you're done reading this article, you will at least have a better idea, what you will be looking for. Let's get started.

As a general contractor, the most important thing that I would be looking for any new home builder, would be experience. You can't sacrifice price for experience. If you're looking for the cheapest contractor, there's a good chance that this person will be lacking experience in home building knowledge.

How long has this person been in business? Just because you're new home builder has only been in business for five years, doesn't mean that he isn't capable of building your home. The same holds true for someone who has been in business for 30 years. Just make sure that these people have actually built homes in the past.

What is their attitude like? This is the second most important thing and I tend to focus on this more than experience, sometimes. If you don't get along with the person, you're not going to have a pleasant home building experience. If you think that there lying to you, scammers or generally don't feel comfortable with them, but they seem to have the most experience and build more homes in your area than anyone else. I wouldn't think twice about getting rid of them and finding someone else.

Last but not least, you should contact some of the people that they have worked for in the past. Talking to past clients, is going to play an important role in making your final decision. You need to find out, if these home builders, treated their clients fairly and were they generally happy with the overall outcome and performance, not only of the homebuilder, but each one of his subcontractors.

I would recommend writing out a list of questions and offering your new home builders past clients a free meal. Offer to take them out to dinner, lunch or breakfast, this way you will have their undivided attention and get the low down on your potential future home builder, it could be the best money that you ever spent.

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More Choices of Bathroom Mirrors

If you are looking for the kind of fixture that you can use to make your bathroom more desirable, then you should choose to have a bathroom mirror. What is good about today's market is that there are already many kinds that are available today. Thus, you have more choices and this can make your task of finding the right kind easier. You can select among the various kinds in the market, check their design and quality and choose which one is suitable for you.

Added to this, since you have various designs that you can choose from you can be sure that your choices is even better. You can always select the kind of bathroom mirror that is suitable to your needs and budget.

If you are in a search for a bathroom mirror, you should select the kind that looks properly in line with the other things in your bathroom. When it comes to the design, color and patterns, you should be able to make it fit. Although keeping contrast is good for some areas of the house, there are times that keeping on the common and traditional side of design would suit your bathroom more. Thus, when you use a certain kind of color in your bathroom, you should also use that color for the frames of the mirror. This would make your bathroom mirror look more suitable in your room and it would also look as if it really belongs to the room. Small pieces in the bathroom can still look unbearable when it does not suit the other fixtures. Keeping a theme is helpful if you want to make your mirror to look desirable. You should not try to deviate especially when you are not yet an expert in the designs.

When you are interested to keep a modern look in your bathroom, then you should consider a bathroom mirror that has a touch of black. When you think of the pieces that are modern, you can be sure that it has black on it. This is one of the most common qualities of modern fixtures and you can also use this when you are searching for the right kind of mirror in your modern bathroom. Thus, you should check the frame of the mirror and it should have a touch of black in it. This is a way of keeping the elegance of your bathroom. Although there are other colors that can be available it would be safer if you choose black if your aim is to have a modernized theme.

There are many kinds of bathroom mirrors that are available today. Thus, with the options that you now have, you can easily choose the kind that is suitable to your needs. This can is possible and you just have to allot enough time for your search.

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Fixing Ceiling Cracks - Home Repair Advice

It's not uncommon to find cracks in your plaster or drywall ceilings. It's not uncommon to find cracks in your wood ceilings either, but this article is about plaster or drywall ceilings that have small or large cracks in them and what actually causes the cracks and how you can repair them.

Believe it or not, most cracks in your ceilings and in your walls, on any drywall or plaster home interiors, are going to be the direct result of structural movement within the house. This could be from a small earthquake, the framing components are starting to shrink, as the lumber starts to dry it out or it could even be from your house settling. Larger cracks might signify problems with your foundation or even your soil.

If you have a large crack in your ceiling, and this would be something that you could stick a quarter into, you could have a structural problem and I would recommend contacting a home repair contractor in your area to evaluate your situation.

You realize that you have cracks in your ceilings and they're not very big, how do you repair them. The easiest way would be to apply a paintable caulking into the cracks and repaint the area. This could save you some frustration in the future, especially if the crack starts to become larger.

The best way to fix the crack, would be to apply some fiberglass drywall tape and then apply a standard drywall joint compound to finish the ceiling correctly. If your ceiling has acoustic or wall texture, you will need to reapply to finish over these areas to match your existing ceiling correctly.

If you have hairline cracks, I wouldn't even worry about them, unless they become larger. However, you could always apply a little bit of caulking and repaint them.

I would like to remind you something that I already said before in this article, if the cracks are larger than the width of a quarter, you might want to contact a building professional. You could have some serious structural damage occurring in your foundation or framing.

Ceiling Repair Advice and Tips

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The Modern Bathroom Beauty - Glass Shower Enclosures

With modern life proving harder for us all as the years roll by, and the pressure of work taking its toll on our health and leisure time, the need to relax is ever more real, and the place to relax is in your very own custom glass shower enclosure.

The bathroom is no longer just a utility, but with the advent of modern design and manufacture techniques can be a beautiful and enjoyable talking point for any modern home. Your bathroom says a lot about who you are, and making it look as good as it can be will be a guide to your guests of just the sort of person you aspire to be.

Glass shower cubicles are beautiful and come in a great deal of styles and sizes, with custom designs made to fit your bespoke bathroom available from a myriad of suppliers and manufacturers.

Need not be expensive

In these times of sophisticated production techniques the glass shower enclosure need not be prohibitively expensive, and there are ranges available to fit every pocket from the man on the street to the man in the mansion.

A corner glass shower enclosure is a popular choice, giving as it does an attractive and functional space in which to shower as well as taking up as little space as is possible in the most efficient manner, and corner showers come in a number of styles, too. You may want to look at corner enclosures with two doors - opening away from each other - or single doors that pivot outwards, and many modern designs offer a sliding door feature in which the entrance door is hidden away on opening hence saving on outside space.

Two or three sided, or stand-alone

If you need a three-sided enclosure this can be found, too, with many different styles and shapes available. Glass manufacture has advanced so much that it can be made in curved form with no distortion to vision, giving you a stylish and beautiful glass shower enclosure that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Perhaps the most impressive of the modern style of glass shower enclosure is the stand alone type, with which you can incorporates a bathroom design around a central, four sided glass enclosure.

The advantages of glass shower enclosures extend beyond just looks, with ease of cleaning and maintenance among the top features that users point to, and the ability to buy them in different sizes in order to accommodate different sized people.

Different showering systems

The glass shower enclosure can be built to incorporate many different types of shower fitment, from the standard head to the built in multiple sprinkler systems so desired of the young and upwardly mobile professional these days, and coupled with the option of coloured glass panels, you enclosure can be chosen to match the rest of your bathroom suite and integrate beautifully and easily.

The glass enclosure is the perfect complement to the modern, stylish and minimalist bathroom, and an essential furnishing item as well as a functional device.

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What If My Contractor Does Not Return My Call

This is one of the biggest problems in business today. You have some work done on your home in good faith that the contractor knows what he is doing. When all is said and done you have a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. I really don't care how long it has been since the work was done. If you have a problem the least that your contractor can do is answer the telephone.

Some companies go out of business and others get to busy to respond to your problem. You will hear the old excuse "That's not my problem" or the ever popular " I didn't do that". I have been in business for over twenty years and had very few problems. Of course I built things to last as long as possible.

Keep in mind that some contractors are a one man operation and they might be on vacation. Some contractors do not answer their phones over the week ends or after business hours. So don't sink the ship to fast.

Do not call the Contractors Licensing Board or the Better Business Bureau unless it has been at least a few working days. I would give it at least a week or so. Oh yeah don't assume that the contractor got your message. Call a few times at the least.

It has always made me mad when I have to fix someone else's problems. I get the call when the other contractors won't respond. I listen to the home owner with regret for being in a business where I am considered a crook. This is one of the reasons why contractors in my business get out of it.

If you have the contractors address and they aren't responding by phone you can always send them a letter by certified mail. Request a return receipt. That's your proof that the company received your letter. Keep a copy for your files.

The good news for a home owner when a contractor will not respond to your calling them is the Department of Consumer Affairs. Most states have a complaint department of some sort that will listen to your complaints. Does this mean it will get resolved? NO there are no guarantees here.

If your state has a licensing board for contractors, this will be your next step.

This will get your contractors attention and there is a great chance they will respond now. If there are enough complaints against the contractor and they do nothing about them the contractors board will take their license away.

If your contractor does not respond after all of this. There is very little you can do about it. Hire someone to fix the problem and look at it as a very important lesson learned.

If your state doesn't have a contractors licensing board contact the Better Business Bureau or your local government for their recommendation. Ask some of your friends if they have had any problems like this and how they handled them.

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Is a Glass Sink the Right Choice For You?

Maybe the thought of a glass sink may give you doubts about its durability. If this is so, just think of all the ways you use glass every day. You have glass in the windows of your home and your car, you use glassware for drinks and you have glass table tops. So, why not a glass sink? Just think of how beautiful this will look on your new sink vanity, bathroom vanity, or in your modern bathroom. It will really enhance the decor of your bathroom.

Glass sinks are made of tempered glass. This is glass that has been heated to just below the melting point and then cooled at a very rapid pace to make it much stronger and more durable than regular glass. While it can break if something very hard is dropped into the sink, it is safe because it breaks into tiny pieces rather than large slabs of glass that can give you a severe cut. The small pebble size pieces are not sharp so there is no danger that you or a child will suffer a deep wound if the sink shatters, which highly unlikely anyway.

At the same time, you do have to treat a glass sink with care. The bottom of the sink is the thickest and the rim is quite sound. Quite often the reason that homeowners have had broken sinks or shower doors that were made of glass is that they were not installed properly.

Normal everyday items that you use in a bathroom, such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and toothpaste, etc., will not cause the glass to break if you drop them into the sink. You need to be careful when filling the sink with water, however. If the glass is really cold, then you should not run hot water into it until the glass has warmed up a bit. You can easily do this by gradually increasing the temperature of the water.

Cleaning a glass sink is actually a lot easier than cleaning one made of acrylic or stainless steel. You can use glass cleaner for cleaning the sink, just as you do for cleaning your windows. If you do have stubborn stains that will not come off easily, vinegar works well in taking these off.

You should not use any abrasive scouring pads or cleaners on a glass sink but you can still use them on bathroom vanities or regular sinks if you need to. When cleaning, you should avoid placing any extra pressure on the rim because this is the most vulnerable part of the sink. Wipe the sink out after each use to prevent any water spots from causing stains on the glass to make your cleaning chore a lot easier.

If you have any plumbing skills, you can easily install a glass sink either as an insert into the bath vanity countertop or as a freestanding vessel sink that rests on the top. Take care when you are fitting the plumbing fixtures to the drain hole in the bottom of the sink. If you tighten them too much this can cause the glass to crack. Once there is a chip or a crack in the glass, you cannot repair it. It must be replaced.

Once you see what glass sinks look like as you browse the various sites online or look at photos in magazines, you should keep in mind what styles you prefer so that when it comes times to renovate your bathroom, you will know just what your future plans for your home are!

Allison Ryan is a freelance marketing writer from San Diego, CA. She specializes in home improvement and remodeling, particularly for bathroom vanities and steam shower doors. For a wide variety of bathroom vanity ideas or for the ideal swim spa, please visit

10 Things a Homeowner Won't Tell a Contractor - Common Courtesy

I've been a contractor in the state of California for over 20 years and there are some things that a homeowner won't tell a contractor. These are a few things that a contractor might want to hear, but a reluctant homeowner, might have second thoughts telling their contractors how they really feel.

1. We are happy with all of the work that you did in a timely manner and we appreciate your services.

2. We are happy with the way you performed your construction tasks, efficiently and we appreciate your services.

3. The work was done by a true professional and we would recommend you to any one of our friends.

4. The payment plan that you created in the contract worked out perfectly and never made us feel uncomfortable. It never seemed like you had too much of our money or we were putting you in a bad spot financially.

5. Thanks for keeping the job clean, it meant a lot to us, because we have seen other construction jobs that look like a tornado ran through them.

6. Thanks for helping us with our design. Working with your contractor on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be frustrating or joyful. Let the contractor know either way how you are really feeling.

7. You and your crew are extremely hard-working and we appreciate the simple fact that you didn't come to work late or leave early.

8. Thanks for the reasonable priced estimate on our project. You helped us say a lot of money and we appreciate that sincerely.

9. Thanks for doing the extra work at a reasonable price. You could have gouged us at certain times, but you chose to be fair and work things out, in a way that would benefit both of us.

10. This one is the most important and often overlooked by homeowners and it's simple and easy to do. Thanks for doing what you said you were going to do and actually doing it.

Just a simple thank you and paying them on time, for a service well done is enough for most contractors. However, a little common courtesy can go a long way, even in the construction industry.

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