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10 April 2014

New photo's of IASI

5 March 2014 (blog post of Saturday; first day of conference)

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The presenter of the day, Salvatore Lo Castro, introducedthe 3rd day of the 9thEPM’s conference.

The day began with the session “History of Technology” which had four different topics. Then, there wasthe session of Nanotechnology with other fourteen topics.

During the first coffee break, the audience tasted some starters with cheese that was described in the fourth exposition.

The most part of the presentations were very fascinating even if the power point didn’t present any bibliography or iconography. This lack compromised the reliability of the presentation and, consequently,their scientific value;the others were badly exposed, although they presented the interesting topics.

At the end of the conference, the audience lunched in the restaurant “Pensiunea Retiro” where the students and the teachers spent a beautiful day in company, eating and dancing a lot; thanks to this moment,the guys had the opportunity to socialize and to exchange opinions about theirown culture, tradition and knowledge.

20 February 2014: IASI NEWS

Dear friends, I am glad to announce you that Gh.Asachi technical schoolcame with another convenient option for teachers accommodation during EPM Conference: - Retiro Hotel 3 stars, nearby our school,12 euro/night/person, including breakfast (we can negotiate this price for you). For working days, including Saturday (only breakfast and lunch) we negotiate a good offer at a self-catering restaurantfor students (10 minutes walking from our school) around 8 euro/day/person (excluding drinks). During conference days we will offer to our guests snacks, cakes, fruits, coffee and water. All the studentsfor EPM conference willbe hosted by our boarding house (rooms for 4 students, private bathroom, without breakfast) at maximum 7 euro/person (I try to negotiate at 5 euro/person). The total cost for accommodation andmealsduringall days of EPM Conference can be around:
40 euro/student
60 euro/teacher (for Retiro Hotel)

Please, let me know as quick as you can the exact number, name and gender of students and teachers coming to 19th EPM Conference.
Looking forward to seeing you in Iasi! Best regards, Tamara Slatineanu

6 January 2014

The new official forms for 2014 have been published here.

25 December 2013

27 November 2013

EPMeeting Thessaloniki photo's.

At our special Thessaloniki page you can see the pictures taken during the EPMeeting in Thessaloniki.

3 October 2013

EPMeeting Thessaloniki.

Currently, EPMagazine has a meeting in Thessaloniki Greece. After October 21, we will publish the pictures of this meeting. We wish all participants a great time. Also see our FB page:

15 June 2013

Issue 3-2012.

Publishing the articles of Issue 3-2012 is in progress right now! We inform you when the web version of the issue is completed.

14 Apr 2013

The next EPMeeting in Greece, Thessaloniki at 3-8 October 2013!

23 Feb 2013

Issue 2-2012.

We published the 2nd issue of 2012. As usual you can read on the web or you can download the .PDF!

24 Dec 2012

14 Oct 2012

Issue 1-2012.

The first issue of 2012 has been published on our website. You can read the articles on our site or you can download the magazine.

9 Oct 2012

News guidelines for contributors have been published.

2 Oct 2012

Catania pictures

Today new pictures of the EPMeeting in Catania have been published.

> EPMeeting Toledo, Spain 15-12 / 22-12


> New articles

History of Science and Technology

Technology for Green Energy

European Pupils Magazine

An important scientific institution asked us to help to dismiss their "historical" magazines you find in the list.
Eligible to receive material are official institutions, only. No private people is allowed to receive the items.
The needed/chosen papers are completely free of any kind of charge, but the accepting institutions have to manage by themselves the transportation from Catania, Italy, to the final destination, only.
any enquiries to angelo rapisarda:
If really and very interested, you will be contacted by our local office.

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