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Stretch Mark Home Laser

Finding the Most Effective Stretch Mark Cream

by Low Jeremy

Do you have ugly stretch marks that you would like to get rid of the soonest time possible? Have considered nearly all of the medications available to you? If so, you must have tried those stretch mark cream removers you see displayed in the shelves of health stores.

Stretch mark creams are over-the-counter medications that you can buy from any drugstore or even in some beauty shops. They all claim to be effective in removing stretch marks of all types, shapes, and form.

And a lot of people try it, because applying a cream on a stretch mark gives them the feel of removing their stretch marks without the costly consultation sessions, dermatologist's fees, as well as the submission to several medical or non-medical procedures.

But do stretch mark removal creams really work? So you can be guided in selecting the most effective stretch mark cream in the market, try to find out if several of these key ingredients are included in the cream's formulation.

1. Emu oil. Emu oil is known to penetrate the skin's outer layers in a quick and effective manner. Then it goes further and reaches the skin's second layer, called the dermis. And not only that; it can also enhance the skin's healing ability. Emu oil does not irritate. It deeply penetrates the skin and has an emulsifying effect, therefore making it a moisturizing agent as well.

2. Grape Seed Extract. Grapes are one fruit that is high in anti-oxidation properties. It also aids in the absorption of Vitamin C in the body, which is paramount in strengthening the cell's membranes and protects it from being damaged. Grape seed extract is also rich in proanthocyanidins, a molecule that protects the body's capillary walls and hinders the growth of enzymes, which breaks down the collagen and elastin present in the body.

3. Glycolic Acid. This is a form of a hydroxyacetic acid that is found mostly in young plants as wells green fruits. This is the acid that reduces the buildup of dead skin cells. Glycolic acid can be obtained from sugar cane. It has small molecules that can effectively penetrate the skin. It is also aids in exfoliating the body.

4. Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the best anti-oxidant. It aids in delaying the cell's aging process as a direct result of oxidation. Like any other anti-oxidant, it nourishes the cells and protects the skin from further damage.

5. Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera's cooling effect makes it the best medicinal agent for sunburns and similar injuries. It can reduce inflammation and promote healing. It is also known to offset wrinkles and softens the skin naturally.

6.Collagen. Collagen from outside sources counteracts the body's natural collagen content. Collagen is a protein found within the tissues of the body. As one ages, his body's collagen content becomes reduced in a dramatic manner. Thus, the skin loses moisture and cannot retain it naturally.

7. Liposomes. These substances resemble a very small sphere found inside phospholipids, which in turn, is a form of a fatty substance. Liposomes serve as a catalyst to the cream's major ingredients like oil and moisturizers.

These are some of the key ingredients of a good stretch mark cream. If you wanted to get the most effective one in the market, you have to make sure that most of these ingredients, if not all, are present.

This content is provided by Low Jeremy and may be used only in its entirety with all links included. For more info on Stretch Marks Prevention, please visit http://stretch-marks-prevention.com

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Laser Stretch Mark Remover In Houston

Stretch Mark Healing Techniques

by Charles Kassotis

Stretch marks are a common dermatological problem for men and women. A stretch mark is actually a scar. They occur when our skin needs to be stretched too quickly and the inner layer of the skin, the dermis, tears.Some examples might be, a sudden weight gain, pregnancy or puberty, during growth spurts, even sudden weight loss, in some cases can leave stretch marks.

The normal production of the major protein that makes up the connective tissue in our skin, collagen, is disrupted. Our skin is stretched thin and loses its elasticity. At first, due to the dilation of capillaries, the stretch marks may appear pink or red-colored. While trying to heal the wounds, the production of collagen is increased in the overstretched tissue, resulting in the familiar scars.

A lot is said about the prevention of stretch marks, but what can we do to remove them if they are already formed? Can we get rid of them? Or should we just learn to live with them? Let?s take a look at some of our best options:

?In the early stages, when stretch marks are still pinkish, apply several moisturizing creams and oils to make them less intense while they are maturing. Massage the area daily with body oil. Olive oil is said to be the best. Vaseline also works, any cream rich in vitamin E, different types of butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter and shea butter being the best.

?Micro-dermabrasion can also help. It is a skin-freshening technique that helps repair skin conditions. The micro-dermabrasion technique abrades the skin with a high-pressure flow of crystals, which stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin. This causes the attenuated epidermis to heal more effectively, making stretch marks heal and become much less noticeable.

?You can also use medicines known as retinoids, which are derived from Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to stimulate collagen renewal underneath the skin, healing the tears gradually.

?Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) can be of some benefit also. AHAs are usually derived from fruit. They are actually fruit acids. These creams can improve your skin texture and color by increasing cell regeneration. AHAs remove the top layer of cells causing healthier ones to come to the surface. This will help improve the appearance of the stretch marks.

?You can also use laser light as an expensive but effective treatment, if used during the early stages. Dermatologists use a pulsed dye laser to fade red marks. A new type of laser has been used more recently, that can fade away mature light-colored marks. This type of therapy requires multiple treatments. Also, some pain may be involved, although it's minimal. A few patients with darker skin tones have been reported to have some post-procedure pigmentary alteration, which is usually temporary.

?If the stretch marks appear on your belly there is a final solution, plastic surgery. During this procedure much of the skin below the belly button is removed. Stretch marks in this area are also removed with the skin.

These stretch marks treatments may, or may not be effective, according to your skin?s complexion and the extent of the damage. If you are planning to take drastic measures consult a dermatologist and be informed of the cost, effectiveness of the preferred method and side effects, if any.

For More Information and Some Simple Techniques You Can Use Today To Erase Scars and Stretch Marks from Your Body, Visit Stretchmarktips.com at http://www.stretchmarktips.com

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Stretch Mark Laser Uk Price

How To Find The Best Solutions To Your Stretch Mark Problems

by Gregg Hall

You just got to love the way our bodies go to pot once we cross that magic and flexible line at the top of our virtual hill. You know the one, when people say, "He's over the hill", think about it, if your hair doesn't turn gray it starts to fall out, gravity takes over in other parts of the body as well, and muscles shrivel and bones turn brittle. Wrinkles and those strange liver-colored spots begin to peculiarly appear in predictable places.

We look in the mirror and instead of seeing ourselves, we see our parents or even worse, our grandparents. We can certainly slow the process down by taking care of ourselves, but we can't stop nature from taking its course. Some people avoid Mother Nature at great cost, namely through plastic surgery. I'm not knocking this idea, but personally I don't plan on going under the knife before considering the simpler alternatives. For example, look at stretch marks. Or maybe you don't want to look at them. That's the problem. A person could attempt to have them surgically removed along with part of your pension fund in the process, or she could purchase some affordable cream for them. Doesn't that sound just a little less scary?

What's your expertise on cream for stretch marks? If you're a guy, you most likely know nothing. However, if you're of the child-bearing breed and you have had children, you most likely have been glaring at those silver lines for years. You may even have looked into cream for stretch marks. Ways must exist to reduce their obviousness or simply defeat them altogether.

I can recall a shopping trip with my wife a couple of years ago, and she indeed was looking for such a cream to reduce these marks. Who carries this stuff, you might ask? Heck if I know. Walgreen's ended up carrying the serum she tried, but after a few applications the ointment irritated her so much she quit using it. She checked out a couple of other products, but nothing suited her fancy, and so she decided, like most of the world, to just live with what she had. That was then.

Now she's back on the rampage, wanting to get rid of those marks altogether. Thankfully, better treatments and remedies exist these days. An ideal cream for stretch marks most likely exists. You just have to find it. Thanks to the newer inventions these days, like the internet, finding it really is possible. The Internet not only has tons of products but reviews on those products so a person doesn't have to feel that "irritation" like my wife did. Amazingly enough, you might even find out that the high-end products don't always receive the highest ratings. So click on your Mac or PC. The perfect cream for stretch marks is only a click away.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Stretch Mark Remedies at www.removestretchmarksplus.com

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Laser Stretch Mark Arizona

Three Treatment Options for Stretch Marks

by Ally McNeal

Stretch marks are a type of skin scar, often caused by rapid pulling of the skin, such as occurs in pregnancy, or with sudden weight gain. Stretch marks can also appear after fast weight loss.

They arise due to breakdown of the dermis, the middle layer of skin which is responsible for maintaining the skin?s structure and tone. When the dermis breaks down, the surface of the skin will show stretch marks. These normally start out a reddish-purplish color and then gradually fade to a glossy white or silver.

The best way to manage stretch marks is to do your best to prevent them. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin soft and well hydrated, allowing it to have more ?give? before it breaks. Minimizing caffeine intake, and eating foods high in zinc, protein, and the A, C, and D vitamins can also give your skin a bit more elasticity, thereby reducing the likelihood of stretch marks.

You can also boost your skin?s hydration and ?stretch-ability? from the outside, by keeping your skin well moisturized. Using an oil rich lotion, such as one made from cocoa butter or shea butter, will reduce your chances of developing stretch marks.

Sometimes, though, total prevention is not possible, and you develop stretch marks anyway. When this happens, what are your treatment options?

Treatment Option #1: Surgical methods

Dermabrasion or chemical peels may be your best surgical options for addressing stretch marks. New advances in laser surgery also make this another possibility. The best treatment for you will depend on your age, skin tone, severity of stretch marks, and level of health.

Laser stretch mark treatment works by building new collagen and repairing the stretch mark from the inside out.

Surgical options can be expensive and may not be covered by your medical insurance.

Treatment Option #2:

Lotions or creams. There are many stretch mark treatments on the market, many of which promise amazing results. Unfortunately, it?s difficult to determine which creams really work. Your best plan would be to get direct referrals from your doctor, or from trusted family or friends who have successfully treated their stretch marks. Be sure to select lotions or creams which have research and proven results. If you?re not totally certain that a cream will work for you, consider asking for a sample or trial size container so you can try it out before committing to a full size container.

Treatment Option #3:

Patience. This option refers to being patient, as your stretch marks will fade naturally over time. (Not the fastest treatment option, that?s for sure!)

Again, remember that it?s better to prevent stretch marks than it is to have to treat them. Maintain a healthy diet, keep your skin well moisturized, and avoid excess caffeine. If you do all this, but still have a stretch mark or two, consider a lotion or cream to treat them. If your stretch marks are severe, talk to your doctor about the best surgical treatment options for you, based on your age, skin tone, and stretch mark severity.

Ally McNeal enjoys learning and teaching about skin care. Learn more about the best skin treatments for you at: http://skintreatments.skincaresmarts.com

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How Much Is Stretch Mark Laser Treatment United Kingdom

Rubbing Away Your Stretch Marks

by Gabriel J. Adams

Many people have to deal with striae in their lives, though they?ve probably never heard the term.Instead, most folks know them by their more common name: stretch marks.Stretch marks occur whenever we increase our body mass faster than our skin can accommodate.

Our skin has a certain amount of elasticity, which allows for movement and growth without constantly developing stretch marks.However, when our rate of growth exceeds the level of elasticity in our skin, stretch marks will occur.Most experts will tell you that the key to treating stretch marks is in preventing them in the first place by keeping your skin continually moisturized.However, for those of us who already have stretch marks, such advice isn?t exactly music to our ears.We just want to know how to get rid of them!

Many commercially available lotions and creams have a beneficial effect on existing stretch marks.Keep in mind that no cream is going to completely eliminate your stretch marks.If such a cream existed, it would make front page news around the globe.However, you can minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

To help minimize stretch marks, you?re looking for products which replenish the natural oils in your skin, especially anything high in vitamin A, vitamin E and alpha hydroxyl acids (also known as ?fruit acids.?)Make sure you rub them deeply into the areas around your existing stretch marks.By keeping your skin in good condition you will both minimize your existing stretch marks and help prevent the development of new ones.

While you wait for your stretch marks to fade, do your best to not feel self-conscious.I know you?re faced with the images of ?perfect? models on magazine covers at the supermarket, but keep in mind that they have a professional airbrush artist working overtime to keep them hidden!

Try our stretch mark cream / stretch mark treatment. 100% guaranteed!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stretch Mark Laser Treatments

Stretch Marks and Motherhood

by Michael Russell

Millions of mothers worldwide have stretch marks.These typically occur during pregnancy, when the skin is stretched for a long period of time.Stretch marks can be a very emotional experience for some women, especially new mothers who are experiencing high levels of stress and emotions.Fortunately, these marks fade over time for most women.

There are several theories that abound regarding why and who get stretch marks.If a woman has been small and skinny all of her life, she may be prone to getting stretch marks.Women like this have skin that cannot easily stretch and the sudden weight gain of pregnancy causes the skin to mark.Some medical doctors agree that stretch marks are mostly a genetic issue and we cannot do much to prevent this problem.

Some women claim that cocoa butter or another specific lotion used on the stomach during pregnancy can prevent stretch marks.However, there are very few studies that have backed up these claims.

Women who have stretch marks have many treatment options available to them.But it would be prudent to speak to a medical doctor prior to treatment.This is especially important if the woman is breastfeeding.Some of the creams and ointments have strong chemicals that can soak into the skin and into the breast milk, thereby causing the infant to digest the chemicals.This would also apply for pregnant mothers.These same chemicals can affect the infant in the womb.

A very important and smart way to try to prevent stretch marks would be to watch your diet while pregnant.During this time in your life, eating healthy food is very important, but you don't want to gain too much weight.This can be bad for your baby and for you.Your medical doctor can help you to determine a nutritious meal plan and give you guidance as to how much weight you should gain.It is most important to get adequate nutrition for your unborn child.But if you gain too much weight, your system can be stressed.Your stretch marks will be darker and more severe if you gain weight too quickly.

If you decide to try a cream developed to fade stretch marks, it is important to pick a cream made by a company that you trust.It is best to initially try gently, non-prescription creams and ointments.And remember to always discuss this with your medical doctor prior to using any new product if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

A few of the common ingredients found in most stretch mark prevention creams and ointments are Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter.Vitamin E has been proven to encourage cell growth and healthy skin.It is easily found as an oil, which has been claimed to be excellent stretch mark prevention.Cocoa Butter has been used for centuries.One of its chief uses is to help prevent scarring and to help the scars heal.Cocoa Butter is considered very safe and quite inexpensive, compared to many other treatments that you will find on the market.

Some women resort to laser therapy and surgery if creams do not eliminate their stretch marks.However, these methods are quite expensive and you will need several sessions of laser therapy to be effective.Surgery carries risks like any other operation.These options simply aren't feasible or practical for most women.

For many women, stretch marks can be worn like a proud warrior wears his scars.These have been attained by going into battle, which no doubt many women would agree childbirth is similar to. But the end result is a wonderful and cherished life.You can choose to try to prevent them or to fade them but rest assured, these marks will lighten over time.

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Stretch Marks

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Angeles In Laser Los Mark Stretch

Is Removing Stretch Marks Possible?

by Fiona Shearer-Hann

A question a lot of women (and men, too) wonder, is whether it's possible to actually remove stretch marks. Unfortunately, the reality is that most stretch marks can't be removed once they've formed - depressing, I know, but true! Now, notice I said "most" stretch marks. There are stretch marks which can be removed, but it requires surgery. In the case of people who have lost large amounts of weight, or who after pregnancy have lots of loose skin, surgical removal of that skin (often containing stretch marks) is possible.

However, for most people stretch marks will remain, simply because surgery just isn't a realistic option unless it's really necessary. However, there are many stretch mark treatments which have proved successful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, even to the point where the stretch mark is only visible under close scrutiny.

I?ll start by briefly discussing laser treatment to reduce stretch marks. Stretch marks in their early stages can often be treated quite successfully using a pulsed dye laser treatment. Older stretchmarks, which show both whitening of the skin and thinning of the skin, don?t respond as well to this form of laser treatment. However, there is a new laser treatment known as the Xtrac laser and ReLume light source, which has been developed for the treatment of older stretch marks (particularly the white skin). What the laser actually does, is to emit short powerful pulses of UV light, which stimulate the pigment-producing cells of the skin to make melanin. This results in a darkening of the skin affected by the stretch mark. This is often successful in bringing the color of the stretch mark closer to the natural skin color.

What about over the counter remedies? There are numerous products out there that claim to have an effect on stretch marks. Many are quite expensive, but the results have altogether been pretty disappointing for most users. The best skin treatments seem to be those containing vitamin A derivatives (such as Retin A). Another skin treatment which is believed to show promise is emu oil (an oil derived from the emu ? a flightless Australian bird). Of course, if you are a vegetarian or opposed to animal testing, then this remedy probably isn?t one you?re going to want to try.

So what can you expect from any stretch mark treatments? Firstly, I?d suggest that you don?t expect miracles. The best case I?ve ever seen of stretch mark removal came from abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) where the skin was removed and thus tightened. However, I?ve seen promising results from several other treatments, which resulted in the fading and diminishing of the appearance of stretch marks. I would suggest that if you have stretch marks you want to improve the appearance of, start off with the milder treatments, and if the results you experience aren?t to your liking, then consider visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about your needs.

If you want more information about the formation of stretch marks and their treatment, visit Stretch Marks where you can sign up for a free email course.

Fiona Shearer-Hann is the webmaster of several websites including The Complete Life Guideand Be More Beautiful.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fiona_Shearer-Hann

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