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Dilemma for a new temp foreign worker

tamilkuravan: Thanks for updating your profile after 4.5 years.Canada is a one way road. There is only entry and no easy exit.Enjoy life and settle here.Good luck.Murali from Chennai
montrealEEE: I was in Montreal for 4.5 years. Company transfer me to Quebec City.Two kids now. Wife wants to remain in Canada at any cost. I am okay with being here or India. Career opportunity is better in India. Quebec PR system is too slow. Still on work permit and after 5 years, company is now extending it by applying for LMIA
montrealEEE: Thanks for your inputs. I will update as I progress in Montreal.
tamilkuravan: Just take the offer. I agree that in Canada, work is hectic but it may bring you huge return later on.Singining a bond is like them giving you a ladoo. What they are saying is that they will give you the high salary, give you job assurance for 2 years (bond) and get you the PR. You are one of the lucky aong a million.

Anyone interested in summer camping?

srupesh: yes, I am interested
Metoo: I love summer camping. if there are anyone within area to join me for summer camping? new started welcomed. can guide thru this adventure.

should i do masters to get P.Eng !

Full House: I see you have done your Spade work and know a lot more about Professional Engineering. Nevertheless you need to know that there are more institutions that will provide you with help and assistance here in Ontario, because there are more jobs and opportunities for Employment here.This is for BC. British Colombia.
Hasni: Full House,Can I have a reply Plz !!
Hasni: Hello Full House,Further to my query and your responses, would like to update you on the latest in this regard.I have come to know from PEO that my file has been closed as I did not write the exams within the prescribed time. No i will have to start from the scratch.So again I will have to deposit the fee and start the process from zero.
Hasni: Thank you so much for the useful info, its has really been encouraging and I have decided to go for it. If you allow, may i ask you to share few links where I could find most of the related material. Would it be helpful, if I be specific in sharing the courses that PEO has asked me to study and clear papers.

Age of child fare for airticket

sudesingh: As a general rule of thumb for international travel, infants under the age of 2, pay 10% of the adult fare and travel without a seat. Children between the age of 2 and 11 pay 75% of the adult fare and have a seat of their own.It'll be best to check if airlines have a variation of these rules and
uday62: my wife and my three children are coming from India to Canadaby the mid of January 2010the date of birth of children are given below1. 08/10/20052. 13/08/20103. 05/05/2016how many of them will be considered for child fare

Question about application for guarnantee suppliment income for parents

Full House: xxxThank you FH for valuable information, that means if I am not mistaking then my parents are eligible for pension plan for India...correct? My father had a small shop and my mother was a housewife and never worked.Thank youxxx"RBO"You are here in Canada. Your Parents are now herewith you.
MITRON: That's where the educated and internet savvy children and grandchildren come in. They should be helping their older senior parents with pensions, medical, healthcare etc.But most of them don't care and senior and elder abuse takes place.They are only interested in their property, money and inheritance and waiting for it.
MITRON: Sponsored immigrants they won't get GIS till they finish 10 yeats. But OAS they will get. But it won't be much. If you deay getting OAS till 70, you can get more OAS per month.So see all the permutations & combinations regarding OAS, GIS, age, income, India, Canada etc.-++++-LINKSponsored


rssb milton

Arorah: Hi everyoneI wanted to know if there are opportunties for doing sewa in rssb milton centre.If so how can i contact and whats the stsang timings there

Low price cell phone plan with data - get rewards too

bhagatsing: Public Mobile sweet deal.xxxxxto receive a one-time $20 account credit!plus Auto pay with credit card and get $2 off every month.Refer a friend and take $1 off your payment every 30 days for every friend you refer for as long as they stay with us. Your friend will also receive a one-time BONUS $10 credit!Tell your friends to use this code xxxxxxThe more you share the more rewards you earn. Enjoy friends.

Need travel companion for a senior person - September 6th -Etihad airways

desi_gta123: Hi, We are looking for a travel companion for my mother. She will be traveling from TORONTO to CHENNAI by EtihadAirways on 06-Sep-2019 via ABU DHABHI Flight EY140 and EY268.Help is much appreciated.

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch report for June 2019

sanjeevm: Dear CDs,Toronto Real Estate Board has released the June 2019 market figures for the residential transactions done through TREB MLS system.- Market has really picked up and sales have been increased.- Overall sales numbers are up by 10.4% in June 2019 (Year over Year). House type wise:Detached: up by 18.6%Semi Detached: up by 9.4%Townhouse: up by 12%Condo apartments: down by 3.2% (however, in 416 area, it is down by 5.6% but in 905 area, it is up by 2.7%)- Active listings are down by 5.7%- GTA continues to grow in terms of employment, population and overall diversity. All thanks to immigration policies of Govt.- Lesser active listings, more demand is fueling the price growth- Overall average selling price is up by 3% in June 2019 (YoY)- Once again the price increase trend continued in Condo apartment category followed by Semi Detached and Town Houses.- The YoY change in the price of detached house is still on negative side BUT it's not that level which it was 6 months ago.

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch report - March 2019

sanjeevm: Dear CDs,Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has released the figures for March 2019 for the residential transactions done through TREB MLS system.Highlights:* Total sales in March 2019 are in-line with the sales figures in March 2018 (7187 and 7188, no difference).* However, for first quarter of 2019, sales are down by 1% as compared to Q1 of 2018.* Supply of New Listings in March 2019 declined by 5% (Year over Year), indicating still a Seller's market. Q1 listings are down by 1% though.* Since the supply of new listings has remained tight, it is supporting price growth.* Average sale price increased from $784,514 to $788,335 (year over year)* There is still competition among the buyers in many pockets of GTA which is resulting in Multiple offers situation.* Townhouse segment has shown double digits growth in Sales in March 2019 (Year over year)* Detached homes are positive in Sales but price wise, still in negative.

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