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You could spend all of your "free time" trying to shop hundreds of mortgage lenders and loan programs to find the best loan rates for your family home .... But why would you want to?You can search hundreds of wholesale lenders for the best deal humanly possible in less time than it takes to change a diaper or microwave some popcorn... All it takes is 3 easy steps... Let me show you how.

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"total cost analysis" Picking the right program is as important if not more important than the lowest rate. Look at the total cost.

Thanks for keeping me from making an expensive mistake.I didn't realize the differences in loan programs could be that dramatic and you saved me thousands of dollars by helping me understand how to pick the right loan, with the right rate.

Bill Borden- 1541 Brickell Avenue, Miami Florida 33129

Past credit problems can be overcome with hundreds of expanded mortgage programs

"What company is going to honestly look past my bankruptcy and approve a home loan for us? That's exactly what I thought to myself while filling out the application at the Addie Mae Website. I don't know how you did it, but you did it. Thank you so much for everything."

David & Tina Douglas - 3227 Elizabeth, Dallas Texas 75204

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"I needed to pay off my credit cards, the payments were over $1,000 a month.To make matters worse my air conditioner broke and we were really sweating it out.Houston gets really hot in the summer.The people at Addie Mae were great, they got me the money to pay off my bills and the extra money for the new air conditioner".

John & Barbara Hunt - 2302 Brookhaven Ct, Houston TX

Excellent Service"Thank You Addie Mae. You have made this a very painless ordeal for which I am very grateful. My mother understands because you made it simple enough. God Bless you !

LaRhonda & Ruthie Washington- 1190 N. Elmhurst Rd, Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056

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Self Employed?

A No Income Verification Program May be Right for You.

I own my own business, and needless to say, in a cash business everything isn't always 100% accounted for. They understood my situation and set me up with an unbelievable.. loan everyone else told me was only possible for people who could prove their income on paper."

Gary Marks - San Diego California

Pleasant Surprises at closing - We Over Deliver

"I signed the paperwork at the title company but have a couple of questions.The monthly payment was lower than our initial paperwork by $13.63, Is this Correct? - Albert Martin, Las Vegas Nevada

I looked at the loan terms and the first payment coupon. The first payment on this new loan is due on June 1. I also looked at the payoff and the refinance breakdown. It appears that I can skip two months of payments since my old loan is being paid off and the first payment on the new loan is due 6-1-03. Is this Correct? - Will Johnston, Englewood Colorado

The quickest way to get started is by using the easy secure form.We know you may be reluctant to put personal information online, even on a secure form.So, if you prefer you may call 1 (800) 282-1517 and speak to a live person.We do have hundreds of offices coast to coast but this central office serves 48 states.

Should You Refi?

The risk involved in refinancing your current mortgage is nearly non-existent. If you think you'll save money by refinancing, now is a good time to act.Thousands of people refinance their homes and save money every day, look at some of the benefits of refinancing today.

Refinancing your home loans can allow you to take advantage of these benefits is a network of mortgage specialist across the US.Mortgage application requests are routed to participating service area lenders and brokers.At Addie Mae we let lenders and brokers bid for your loan.Then you select the loan you want.This is not an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of regulation Z.Use of this site constitutes your agreement to the terms of use and privacy policy.Please read and understand them prior to using this site.All information is subject to change without notice.

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