Beginning May 18th we will

offer you the opportunity to

check out materials, but you must

call us to see if the materials

you are looking for are available.?

If they are we will place them

in a plastic bag with your

name on it and put them on

the door outside.


You can click on the picture

of the Moravia Library below

and search for various authors,

books, magazines,? DVDs, and Books

on Compact Disc

that you can check out .

You can read books & magazines,

listen to recordings,?

or watch movies at the

Bridges Icon below.

Just click on the bridge symbol,

enter Moravia Public Library

when requested,

then enter your library card number.

Then make your selection and enjoy.


Those of you with library materials,

?you may place them in our book drops.

Our hours are:?

Sunday:??? Closed

?Monday :? 10:00 - 6:00

? ?? Tuesday:? Closed

????????? Wednesday:? 9:00? - 2:30

? ? Thursday:? 10:00 - 6:00

??? Friday: ? Closed

? ? ? ???????? Saturday:? 9:00 - 1:30


?Christmas - 2017






Moravia Library

???????? Online Catalog

By clicking on this

Online Catalog Button

you can browse at your

leisure from home to see

if we have the Books, DVDs or Magazines you

are interested in reading or viewing.? Then

you can call to place them on hold so you can

pick them up at the door.



By clicking on this BRIDGES logo you

will be able to download eBooks, audio books,

magazines streaming videos for your reading,

listening and viewing pleasure. Just give us

a call for instructions.